2014 Capital City Classic 10k {Race Recap}

Well, have you ever run a race, have a blast, and as your driving away think: “Poop, I didn’t take any pictures. How am I going to blog about this?” Oh, only me? Thankfully, the super awesome Arkansas Outside took a bunches of photos and posted them on their Facebook page. It isn’t surprising that […]

Find Joy in the Smallest Blessings {Wordless Wednesday}

A little grace…

I spent seven days camped in a very remote location on the northwest shore of Lake Ouachita.  There was no electricity or running water, and after turning from the highway, four-wheel drive had to be engaged to prevent the truck from being stuck in the red clay. I enjoyed the week of simplicity and escape. […]

Spring Break!!!

We are venturing into the Ouachita Mountains for seven days, so I am taking a blog break too! I’ll be back with great stories and pictures to share next weekend! There will be no cell service, no electricity, and no problems. I am taking a notepad and plenty of books to keep me occupied when […]

Ting’s Mom {Center Stage}

Karen Weido – Ting’s Mom Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Instagram – Pinterest – YouTube – Bloglovin’ Karen is a wife, a mom, and a blogger. She lives in Southwest Arkansas where she works full time in Healthcare Marketing. She also works full time as a mom to Ting and Bug (not their real names!), and full time as a […]

Finding Fun, Even During Chores {Wordless Wednesday}

Operation Reset

I need to be honest. I need to hit the reset button on my attitude, eating, and life in general.  I was going to keep all of these thoughts to myself, but I think a bit of transparency is needed.  I’m not perfect, and I don’t ever want to come across as a self righteous […]

The Lovely Photog {Center Stage}

LeSha Brewer – The Lovely Photog Twitter – Google+ – YouTube – Instagram LeSha Brewer is a photographer and marketing entrepreneur. She has had a love for photography as a hobby since gradeschool, but has recently taken the leap to professional photography as of 2013. She is also a boutique designer and loves making handmade […]

There’s a First Time for Everything…

I didn’t really have a plan for my running this week.  I just ran what felt right. On Monday it was brutally cold.  It was also the first night for the Women Can Run 5k training clinic.  I am helping to lead one of the groups, so I had to attend.  I really didn’t believe […]

Running is Better Than Therapy

When I wasn’t allowed to finish the Little Rock Marathon, I felt as if I had failed to reach my goal of becoming a Marathon Maniac.  I understand that everything surrounding my “re-routing” was completely beyond my control, but in my mind I failed.  What if I would have disobeyed the police officer and kept […]