Homesteaders? Yeah, I guess so.

Our parents and grandparents taught us how to utilize and conserve our natural resources to live a good, satisfying life.

We are a simple family of four…  We live on a 125 acre hobby farm in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountain range.  Our farm is an eclectic mix of goats, sheep, pigs, horses, two donkeys, a mule, cows, chickens, bees, two dogs, two hermit crabs, and a leopard gecko.  Honestly, you never know what you may find around our house.


Aaron is an outdoorsy man, and like most men, he loves to hunt and fish. He likes to build things, that most people buy, and practice skills from the old days. If there is ever a zombie apocalypse, we will be fine. Aaron is also a pretty awesome husband and father. I mean, he puts up with me, so he has to be the most patient, loving man on Earth!


That’s me. I am a wife, mother, and high school Biology (AP and Pre-AP) and Anatomy and Physiology teacher. I love to explore the outdoors in Arkansas and fish. I try really hard to juggle all of the awesome responsibilities that I have acquired, but most importantly, I want to keep God first so that everything else will fall into place.


Evan is my sweet, red headed child. He is ten years old and in the fifth grade. He is so awesome.  Evan loves to wrestle, read, and play video games. Evan has taught me so much about myself. He is very smart, and I honestly think he is an old man trapped in a little kids body.

John David

John David is my wild child.  He looks so sweet and innocent in his pictures, but he is all over the place.  He is so smart and has a billion facial expressions. John David loves to wrestle and run around outside. He is always ready to test your limits, but in the end, no matter how hard you try, you will laugh.  He is only 7, but  I think him and Evan have a secret plot to take over the world.