Easy Deer Chili

Y’all please don’t laugh at me, but I never even tried chili until after I was married.  I had no idea what the weird red soup was all about.  Truthfully, it scared me. Now, I love it and I have to share my totally random, combined recipe I use.  Oh, and yes, this recipe calls […]

My #kindawesome Experience

A few weeks ago, KIND Healthy Snacks sent me a “good luck” fuel box to use while I am in this cycle of marathon training. Since I live in rural Arkansas, I have only seen KIND Healthy Snacks on a few shelves.  You guys know how picky I am, so I never bothered to try […]

Healthy “Fried” Bananas

I got this idea from a post on Facebook. Someone out in the blogging world (I can’t remember who) came up with this idea, but I changed the recipe to make it a tad healthier. It is super easy (or I wouldn’t do it) and takes about 10 or so min. Get you a good, […]

My Perfect Summer Salad

I am a huge raw veggie lover and with garden harvest time approaching quickly, here is a quick, yummy way to use some of your produce. Combine all of this in a huge bowl: Lettuce (I use the bagged spring mix, cause I am not very good at growing my own) Sliced Cucumber, Mushrooms, Roma […]

Easy, Healthy Roasted Veggie Side

By no means am I trying to become a food blogger, but I have decided to start sharing some of my easy veggie creations.  My number one goal is to expose my boys to absolutely every vegetable in the produce section and with this dish I succeeded in sneaking in turnips and beets. All you […]

Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins

Forgive me.  I am not a foodie, but I must share this recipe I kind of tinkered with.  I am always on the search for low calorie snacks and dishes and a few days ago I started craving blueberry muffins.  Well, blueberry muffins have a lot of calories.  BOOOOOOOOOOO! I googled for ideas and found […]

Epazote – Dysphania ambrosioides

We often have a Hispanic family over for cookouts and I always learn new easy cooking tips, but this one floored me.  We were having a BBQ, but Rosa wanted to cook a freshly caught catfish that Aaron had just brought home from the lake. She proceded to gut the fish and make several slices […]

Garden Planning Time!

>In Arkansas, the average last freeze is on March 22.  We always wait until the first weekend in April to plant our live plants, so you haven’t waited too late, es. If you have never planted a garden, but want to, there are many, many resources available to you.  Every state has a cooperative extension […]

Quick, Easy, and Good

> I normally don’t go for processed foods.  I have been sick as a dog and in a medicine fog, so I asked Aaron to pick something up on his way home. I should have known that it would be of the microwave variety.  He ran into Walmart and got this from the freezer section. […]

Little Bunny Foo Foo…

>Aaron is convinced that life as we know it in the United States is going to end.  He thinks we are headed into a major recession and a war with Iran or North Korea or both.  I can’t really argue with him, he makes valid points. Let me rephrase all that.  He is not a […]