2012 Bismarck BBQ Bash XC 5K

I was pretty excited to run the Bismarck BBQ Bash XC 5K because the starting line was about a mile from my driveway.  I was kind of sad when the school buses with junior high and high school runners pulled up.  Kids always make us older runners look bad, they are so effortlessly fast.  I just decided to run my race and try to better my 5K time.  I warmed up and got my mind right.

A cold front came through the night before and chilled the air nicely and it was about 48 when we all toed the line.  It felt so good, but my nose was dripping that clear, runny snot, so I just kept wiping it on my sleeve.  The race was nice.  It felt good to run with the kids.  A lot of them started out too fast and I was able to pass them towards the end.  I don’t care who you are, passing another runner feels good.

When I got to the finish line, I realized I came in second.  I asked who beat me and they pointed at this little girl.  Seriously, she didn’t even come up to my shoulder.  I GOT BEAT BY A 12 YEAR OLD!  Oh how embarrassing!  I’m not sure if my coming in second means I am really awesome or sad.

Ok, I am over that now.  I came in second.  I am proud. I bettered my 5K time by 10 seconds.  Here are the top 5 women:


Just ignore the ages of the other runners and check out my little trophy:


What do you think?