Epazote – Dysphania ambrosioides

We often have a Hispanic family over for cookouts and I always learn new easy cooking tips, but this one floored me.  We were having a BBQ, but Rosa wanted to cook a freshly caught catfish that Aaron had just brought home from the lake. She proceded to gut the fish and make several slices […]

Green Laundry

One of the simplest rooms to go green in is the laundry room. The temperatures are rising and the pollen count is lowering.  Perfect time for you to start hanging your clothes out to dry! Clothes lines are so easy to put up.  You can tie a string between two trees or you can by […]

Garden Planning Time!

In Arkansas, the average last freeze is on March 22.  We always wait until the first weekend in April to plant our live plants, so you haven’t waited too late, es. If you have never planted a garden, but want to, there are many, many resources available to you.  Every state has a cooperative extension […]