It’s Official Official!

When I began applying for teaching positions, I bookmarked all the employment pages of the school districts I wanted to work for. I admit that I was very particular about this and only 8 districts made my list. Not only was I looking for a job for myself, I also had to consider the boy’s […]

Capital City Classic 10k

Well, have you ever run a race, have a blast, and as your driving away think: “Poop, I didn’t take any pictures. How am I going to blog about this?” Oh, only me? Thankfully, the super awesome Arkansas Outside took a bunches of photos and posted them on their Facebook page. It isn’t surprising that […]

Little Rock Marathon

First, let me state that the 2014 Little Rock Marathon was re-routed for our safety.  I was only allowed to complete 14-ish miles.  At 11:30am there was a large severe thunderstorm located around Hot Springs Village, and it was projected to move directly over the race course.  The race directors were forced to make the […]

Run the Line Half Marathon

A few days before Valentine’s Day, Aaron asked me what I wanted for my gift.  I looked him square in the eye and asked for a race registration and hotel stay.  I honestly believed he would say no, but he didn’t.  He asked me which race I had in mind, and I answered “Run the […]

Mississippi River Marathon

This past weekend, Lisa and I completed the Mississippi River Marathon.  We only have one more marathon (on March 2) before we are officially Maniacs! The always lovely, Delta Moxie allowed us to stay in her home during our trip.  It was lightly snowing when we arrived, but the beautiful welcome banner and good luck […]

Easy Deer Chili

Y’all please don’t laugh at me, but I never even tried chili until after I was married.  I had no idea what the weird red soup was all about.  Truthfully, it scared me. Now, I love it and I have to share my totally random, combined recipe I use.  Oh, and yes, this recipe calls […]

Inaugural 3 Bridges Marathon

This post is long and I am not sorry. Running the 3 Bridges Marathon was one of the best things that happened to me in 2013.  After being plagued by injury all summer, I needed something to restore my running confidence.  You see, I’ve only been running for two years.  People assume I have been […]

Platoon Sergeant Paul Edward Jackson

My great uncle died in the Vietnam war.  He was my paternal grandmother’s brother.  My father has told stories about him and shared a few memories, and I could always tell that he was special to my Dad.  My name was supposed to be Paul, but I was a girl so my brother named his […]

2013 Cossatot River Trail Half Marathon

I gladly hopped out of bed at 4:15am and drove an hour and a half to participate in this half marathon.  I entered the GPS coordinates into my iPhone and drove off into the darkness. I arrived at the Cossatot River Visitor Center at 6:28am.  I accidentally drank an entire pot of coffee during my […]

2013 Bismarck BBQ Bash XC 5k and Parade

This is the second year I have ran the BBQ Bash XC 5k.  The start line is a little over a mile from my house, so I have no excuse to not run this race.  Last year, I ran for speed and I came in second overall.  This year, I ran for fun and came […]