Warrior Dash 2012 Recap


I am proud to say that I completed the Warrior Dash without injuring myself.  I do have some scratches on my knees from crawling and a large bruise on my thigh from who knows what, but I didn’t break anything!
I finished in 45:56.  I was pretty disappointed in that time, but hey, I’ll take it.
Here are a few photos:
Completing the first obstacle.  Got a lot of confidence at this point.
Smiling like a dork because I was beating the guy behind me.  HSU CrossFit is better, lol.
Jumping the fire.
The final obstacle.  The mud pit.
I was so relieved that I finished & I was having to hold on to my shirt to keep it up!

My medal.
Party afterwards.

The day was awesome.  I can say that I will do this race every single time it comes to Arkansas and now I am addicted to obstacle races.  

I am doing the Tough Mudder in October.  It is 11 miles and had 28 obstacles.  I have already started training.
You want to do it with me?

What do you think?