End of the Season T Ball Party

The end of Evan’s first t ball season is finally here.  That sounded bad.  He had a whole lot of fun and his coach was absolutely wonderful.

For the end of the year party we gathered at the Lower Dam Playground.  All the kids had a great time and they all got trophies, which made them feel like superstars.  Oh and we ate yummy cake, which was my favorite part.

20120608-073148.jpg 20120608-073159.jpg

John David loves to swing, so we did.  He would squeal with delight every time we would swing back and forth.


Of course Evan wanted me to push him.  I had him going pretty high and then John David ran right in front of him.  I could see the accident before it happened, but I couldn’t do anything about it!  Evan cleaned John David’s clock and knocked him square on his back.  Everyone on the playground saw the whole scene and a collective gasp was heard as John David took the first deep breath before the loud scream cry.  It was so funny.


He was fine.  He only cried for about 30 seconds and we got back on the swing.

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