The Greatest Show on Earth

Greatest Show on Earth

Yeah right…  This was the first time for the boys and me, and I am happy to know I haven’t been missing anything.  Some parts were good, but overall it could have been an hour shorter.  I was satisfied with the experience at intermission.

I thought there were going to be clowns?  There was only one! I wanted a whole squad of the wild things running about with little cars and honking noses.  I also wanted to see a midget.  No midgets.  Shame.


There were weird camels. I love camels by the way, but these were weird looking.


There were three elephants. They did not go crazy.


John David did not like the only clown. He is holding on for dear life.


John David didn’t want to sit on the motorcycle either.


Waiting on the show to start.


John David is being a cheese head.


The awesome $18 sword that lights up and vibrates. Yes, we had to get two. smh


The weird camel, horse, and mini horse show.


The boys are bored.


Elephants don’t really do all that much. Stand up, roll over, run in circles. Awesome.

What do you think?