Little Rock Marathon

First, let me state that the 2014 Little Rock Marathon was re-routed for our safety.  I was only allowed to complete 14-ish miles.  At 11:30am there was a large severe thunderstorm located around Hot Springs Village, and it was projected to move directly over the race course.  The race directors were forced to make the decision.  I was sad; I was disappointed; but I was safe.

I will say that the 14-ish miles were pretty bad.  It was a drizzly rain, and the temperature dropped twenty degrees while we were running. Lisa and I were prepared, but the wind gusts were up to 20 mph as the front moved through, and that was pretty stinky.  But, if they told me that I could complete a full tomorrow in the same conditions, I would.  I guess that’s what makes us runners different.

Some of you knew that this was going to be our qualifying marathon for Maniac status, mainly because I wouldn’t shut up. I’ll admit, I cried ugly tears on the way home. I was frustrated, but I got myself together and realized their was still a chance. I have 25 days left to complete my 3rd in 90 days, so my generous husband is allowing me to run in Jackson, TN on March 22.  I say allow, because I haven’t had a paying job in a LONG time, and he is funding all of these adventures.  I didn’t become a Maniac today, but I am not giving up. I still have 25 days to run another marathon.

So the run was meh, but here are a few pictures:



The Expo was awesome. Much better than last year.  I got to meet the Another Mother Runner team.  They are super awesome ladies and have several really cute shirts.  I purchased this one and also a very nice necklace:



I also got to meet BART YASSO!


I am such a fangirl. He told race stories in his talk, but sent me away with one message: We are all very lucky to be able to run and we should never take any day for granted. Running is a gift and we should cherish every minute we are able to run.

So, that is about it.  Overall, the weekend was great. I got to do what I love with the awesome Lisa 🙂


  1. I realize that unless someone else took them, we have no pictures of ourselves. Not even at the finish when we were too cold and po’d to care about photos. If there are no photos, it didn’t happen.

  2. I’m glad you found a makeup race so you can confirm your Maniac status…because we already knew you are a maniac!

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