Run the Line Half Marathon

A few days before Valentine’s Day, Aaron asked me what I wanted for my gift.  I looked him square in the eye and asked for a race registration and hotel stay.  I honestly believed he would say no, but he didn’t.  He asked me which race I had in mind, and I answered “Run the Line Half Marathon in Texarkana.  It is this weekend.”  Without missing a beat, he calmly said, “Because you’re mine, you’ll Run the Line.”

I almost died. Seriously, I cried I was laughing so hard.  I booked a room and off we went!

After picking up my packet Saturday afternoon, we crossed the street and ate at Ironwood Grill.


Fried green tomatoes (there were 6), salad, and ribeye with sweet potato.

Our room at the Comfort Inn and Suites was spacious and contemporary.


And I used the weird bench-thingy to lay out my race gear:


I realized that the hotel was only 4 miles from the start line and I planned on leaving at 7am for the 8am start.  Aaron then reminded me that the start line was right outside the building he took his state boards in, and I knew right where to go!


I got to take a picture with my fellow Spa Pacers before the race:


This is actually my first Grand Prix race as a Spa Pacer, and I was kind of nervous about meeting them for the first time.

I also got to meet, my pal, Jodi’s running group from Hope:


And, of course, Jodi and I took a photo next to the race banner:


The race was great and I actually got to run with Josh, a fellow Spa Pacer.  It was really nice to get to know him, but I did call him a butt hole at the end of the race, and I have to apologize.  You see, we ran together the entire time, but the last 100 yards or so, he started sprinting.  I paused in disbelief.  What is he doing? Oh, I see, he is being competitive.  I am coining a phrase: I got Draked.  Other people who have ran with him will understand.  He acts all innocent during the race, but at the end, he gets competitive.

Yo, Joshua Drake: I hope you enjoyed beating me by 16 seconds, because IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

I’m kind of joking, but kind of not…

The after party was great.  There were hamburgers and hot dogs, all for free!


Here are two more great photos:



There are a lot more photos on the Arkansas Road Runners Club of America Grand Prix Facebook page and the official photographers page.

After the race, I ate a huge 16oz ribeye and we picked up the boys on our way home.

Two sidenotes: FIrst, I came within 5 minutes of my half PR without even trying. I ran a full marathon last weekend.  I am super happy about that.  After I become a Maniac, I am going to crush that PR by at least, like 30 seconds or so (I dream big).  Distance has been good for my shorter times.  Secondly, I guess I’m not a vegetarian anymore.  It has been a nice 3 months, but meat had snuck back into my diet. I mean, I’m a rancher, I suppose it is only natural for me to eat meat…


  1. Hahahahaha You got Draked! He and Micheal Harmon almost knocked me off the stairs at the start of the Cossatot Half Marathon a couple of years ago- their rivalry takes NO prisoners.

  2. Great seeing you out there in your first GP race! Look forward to congratulating you, future Maniac.

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