Brickfest 5k

So, I ran a 5k.  I know what you are thinking.  My knee has not been hurting for the past two weeks and I needed to feel the excitement again.  I needed to run a race.

I was slow, but it was fun.  It was also kind of hot.  Since, I didn’t get to run during the spring and get used to the rising temperatures slowly, this has been my biggest issue.  It was all downhill running out and all uphill coming back.  Coming back wasn’t that much fun, but hey, I was just happy to be running a race again!


I was prepared for a slow time.  I came in almost three minutes over my last 5k time at 26:58.  Yikes.  I suppose that isn’t too bad for being off for almost three months.  I also got a medal for being 4th in my age division.  Yippee for medals!

This race also solidified the fact that I do not enjoy the 5k distance.  Everyone is way too serious.  I like to talk and enjoy the scenery.  Everyone else was sad faced and running so hard they couldn’t talk.  Oh well, I’ll keep running the 5k because they help local charities and they are a fun way to meet new runners, but I’m not going to devote any special training to them.

After I crossed the finish line, I turned around and ran another 2.8 miles to have 6 miles for the day.  And, there was absolutely no pain during or after, so I shall keep running.

What do you think?