2013 Cossatot River Trail Half Marathon

Cossatot River Trail Half Marathon

I gladly hopped out of bed at 4:15am and drove an hour and a half to participate in this half marathon.  I entered the GPS coordinates into my iPhone and drove off into the darkness.

I arrived at the Cossatot River Visitor Center at 6:28am.  I accidentally drank an entire pot of coffee during my drive, so I was fired up and my hands were shaking!  I had plenty of time to check in, eat a bite, use the restroom a few times, and load up on the bus.  I was confused at why we had to load up at 7am for an 8am start, but after riding on the bus for almost 40 minutes I figured out the plan.


The dark, bumpy, curvy bus ride to the starting line!

We were dropped off at a river access point given instructions and turned loose to run over the river and through the woods, back to our cars.

The course was beautiful.  I wish I wasn’t navigating skull crushing rock gardens and could enjoy the views a little more.  I did snap a few pictures:


Yippee! The water was low at the low water bridge!!!


One of the baby climbs.


I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to find the trail…


Don’t fall off the cliff!

Over all, the run was awesome.  I felt like Pocahontas running through the woods.  I actually caught myself smiling several times.  You see, this is the first trail run I have attempted since the whole injury debacle of the 50k DNF.  I was so happy to be running in the woods, and not dying of pain, that I was overcome with running joy.  I wasn’t pushing myself for time, I was having fun!  I will never care what another clock says again.  I have entered a new stage of my running life.  I don’t care about time anymore.  I just want to run, have fun, and finish healthy!

Here are the elevation details and a map:

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 9.30.51 AM

There were a few places that I almost got lost, but I found the blue markings quickly and didn’t cry.




Afterwards, I was able to hand out a few yummy KIND bars to some of my friends for a bit of recovery fuel!  They were excited and hungry!


I will definitely run this race again next year.  The only thing I will do different is rent a cabin close to the visitor center, so I don’t have to wake up so early…

What do you think?