I Love to Fish

For the past month, we’ve been spending every weekend we can fishing on Lake Ouachita for crappie.  We have done pretty good and here are pictures to prove our success. Please excuse the no make-up and greasy hair. Do you love to fish? I would love to see some of your great catches!

Talking About Tornadoes With Kids

I live in Tornado Alley. Every year we are faced with horrible images from communities right down the road and it always breaks my heart. This is the first year that Evan has become aware of the storms.  He has watched storm tracking shows on the Discovery Channel and he remembers seeing the devastating videos. Yesterday […]

Not According to Plan…

Remember how I told you I was back on a training plan for my marathon next month? Yeah, I didn’t stick to the plan very well this week. Sunday was Easter and I woke up and just wanted to run, so I headed over to Lake DeGray and ran 6 miles and walked a half […]

A Very Good Friday

Evan was out of school last Friday, so we took a little family field trip to Little Rock.  Cassie was out also, so she tagged along!   Our first stop was the Museum of Discovery in the Rivermarket district of Little Rock.  This is a great place for kids around Evan’s age that are interested […]

DIY Easy Easter Mani

Don’t laugh at me. Y’all know I love to paint my nails, but I am not artistic.  I browse Pinterest boards for easy ways to liven up my fingers, but I am usually saddened by the amount of talent and time it takes to paint frilly designs.  I really wanted something different for Easter, so […]

Writing a Living Epistle {Center Stage}

Adrienne Gilbreath – Writing a Living Epistle Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Instagram – Pinterest Adrienne is a native Oklahoman living in the heart of Arkansas Razorback country and married to one too, no less.  She has been married for ten years to Bart, an electrical engineer who tells horrible jokes.  She is currently living […]

Idle Speed {Wordless Wednesday}

Back on a Training Plan and the Womble Trail

Sorry to be posting this on a Sunday, but we just returned from another weekend on Lake Ouachita.  After the Little Rock Marathon, I’ve been kind of lackadaisical regarding my fitness, but never fear, I have finally gotten back on a training plan.  Well, I signed up for a marathon on the 25th of May […]

Heather Parday {Center Stage}

Heather Parday – heatherparady Personal Facebook – Business Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Instagram – Pinterest – LinkedIn Heather is a photographer in central Arkansas. As a small business owner she hopes to inspire others to “quit making excuses” and run after their dreams. What would you like to be remembered for, after your death? being […]

Yippee! Spring is Here! {Wordless Wednesday}