A Full Week of Winning

First, Loretta and Sandy are the winners of my Arkansas Flower and Garden Show ticket giveaway!  I am really excited to be attending this year, and I will be at the Arkansas Women Bloggers booth on Saturday from 2-6pm! Stop by and see me!!!! I have really had a great week.  So great, I didn’t pause […]

You Will Not Stumble

Do you ever just search a random word in the Bible to see what God has to say about the subject? Oh, only me… Well, the other day I searched “run.”  I was looking for verses to get me pumped up and ready to beast races, but instead I found one that made me smile. […]

2013 Goals

This year, instead of resolutions, I am setting goals.  These goals are not negotiable and will get crossed off neatly before 2014.  Here they are in no particular order: Grow closer to God. Become a better Wife and Mother. Go on a real vacation. Listen more closely. Complete at least one marathon. Complete at least […]


I was raised Missionary Baptist.  I may not have been listening very well, but I don’t recall the word “Advent” ever being used.  I started noticing the word last year, but really didn’t think much of it.  This year, all my friends on Twitter were saying: “Advent this” and “Advent that”, and well, I googled […]

Answered Prayers

Sometimes I forget how powerful God is and how much he loves us.  I know that sounds awful and just broadcasts my lack of faith to the world, but have you ever prayed for a situation for a long time and begin to think “it just wasn’t meant to be” or “I guess I just […]

Scripture Plaques

>While browsing around the interwebs today, I found a website that offers bible verses in cool designs. The site is Typographic Verses and if you want to put inspirational scripture on your wall, that doesn’t look like you stole it from your Grandmother’s house, I suggest you head over right now.  A few of the designs […]

Mother’s Day

>First, I would like to say that my Mom is the most awesome mother on the face of this planet.  She is a strong, graceful, intelligent woman.  I hope that one day I am half the woman she is. I call my mom everyday and bug her.  We talk about everything.  She knows that I […]

Attitude Adjustment

>I did not want to go to church this morning. That is sad isn’t it? I just felt so burnt out. But, God worked it out for me. I thought I was going to have to serve for both services, but two random volunteers showed up! Aaron and I got to attend service together for […]

Reading is Fundamental

>Reading the Bible that is… I don’t want to get preachy, but I think you should read the Bible everyday.  One verse or five chapters, it is a good book and has some pretty good advice for living.  I don’t care if you aren’t religious, just read a few verses everyday, the Good Book will […]

Being Thankful

>Man, I was in one bad mood last night and this morning.  It was like a funky fog had engulfed me.  I don’t know what it was about, so I will just blame it on hormones.  That always works… I had to drag myself out of bed and get the boys off and I just […]