Back on a Training Plan and the Womble Trail

Sorry to be posting this on a Sunday, but we just returned from another weekend on Lake Ouachita.  After the Little Rock Marathon, I’ve been kind of lackadaisical regarding my fitness, but never fear, I have finally gotten back on a training plan.  Well, I signed up for a marathon on the 25th of May […]

2013 Cossatot River Trail Half Marathon {Race Recap}

I gladly hopped out of bed at 4:15am and drove an hour and a half to participate in this half marathon.  I entered the GPS coordinates into my iPhone and drove off into the darkness. I arrived at the Cossatot River Visitor Center at 6:28am.  I accidentally drank an entire pot of coffee during my […]

Look What I Got in the Mail {Wordless Wednesday}

2013 Ouachita Trail 50k Recap {DNF}

This morning I attempted the Ouachita Trail 50k, and even though it was a lot of fun, it did not go the way I had planned. Lisa talked me into signing up for this race last fall and I instantly fell in love with the idea of becoming an ultra runner.  You all know Lisa, […]

First Run Back and New Shoes!

  Yesterday was my first run outdoors after 5 weeks. I was so nervous.  What if I forgot how to run? What if the healing stress fracture in my foot started hurting? The first .25 miles felt weird, but then I kind of got my grove back.  I took the plunge and bought some Altra […]

Week 12 Recap {Marathon Training}

Week 11 Recap This week flew by.  This was the first full week of all my classes and labs and I really had to work at squeezing in runs and scheduling my time appropriately.  I have to make running one of my priorities or I can easily make an excuse to skip a run or […]

Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel {Product Review}

First, let me start by saying I purchased this product with Aaron’s hard earned money. Tailwind Nutrition did not ask me to review their product or compensate me in anyway. BUT, if Tailwind does decide to send me some swag, I love the Mandarin Orange flavor. 😉 Sorry about the wordiness in this post, but […]

Week 11 Recap {Marathon Training}

Week 10 Recap This week was a little exciting.  I was able to finally purchase a Garmin Forerunner 910XT.  It is magical.  I went ahead and bought the Triathlon bundle, which came with a heart monitor and a speed/cadence sensor for my bike.  This new equipment has opened my eyes to the importance of a […]

2013 Lake DeGray Trail Run {2013 Arkansas Trail Run Series}

Well, it wouldn’t be one of my trail races without a foggy picture to start the day. I think Lake DeGray is out there somewhere, but I am not totally sure. We met at the Iron Mountain Trail Head to pick up our packets and chat before taking off. I started talking to the race […]

Week 10 Recap {Marathon Training}

Week 9 Recap This was a pretty normal, boring week.  I like those. Sunday: I rested Monday: I ran 4 miles in 38:06 with an average pace of 9:32 minutes/mile.  It was a little chilly, but I am getting better at dressing.  By the time I get used to the cold it will be over […]