Tax Free Weekend

Well, I have to report to school tomorrow to start my school year. I need to be professionally developed for two weeks before the school year starts. Honestly, I think I need a few years of professional development, but that is a whole different story. I came to the realization that my summer was ending last Friday when I was making one million-billion copies, so I planned a fun weekend.


Saturday afternoon we all watched Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D.

photo 1

The movie was pretty good. I mean, basically it was The Avengers with different characters. It is rated PG-13 for fantasy violence and a few curse words. The violence was equal to Star Wars, nothing gross or bloody, just epic fighting battles. Evan and John David loved it, Aaron and I not so much. In all fairness, Aaron and I are not the types that enjoy action hero movies or sic-fi. There were some very funny parts, but I was ready to leave about an hour into the show.

After the movies, we headed over to Lowe’s.

photo 2


I needed to pick up some pots for the plants in my classroom. We found a nice set and also picked up some perlite to mix with soil from our compost pile. Don’t worry, I’ll have a post later this week about the table the plants sit on, so you’ll see them.

We allowed Evan and John David to pick dinner and they chose Red Lobster. Evan loves their shrimp.

photo 3


I’m not sure why Evan looks so sad in this picture. He said it was because John David was being annoying. Ah, brotherly love. After dinner, we headed home and crashed. Whew, a good day, but we had to rest for Sunday’s adventures.

Sunday, Aaron worked, so the boys and I went shopping with Mema! She wanted to buy the boys some clothes for school and it is Tax Free Weekend here in Arkansas. We started in North Little Rock at McCain Mall. JC Penney, Dilliard’s, and The Limited for me.

photo 1


After dragging the kids around the mall and their semi-good behavior, we treated them to Dippin’ Dots.

photo 2


We then headed across the river to Little Rock to Park Plaza mall. I needed to go to the Gap. I just had to have the new motorcycle quilted jacket to complete an outfit. I’m really proud of myself for being stylish. I’m going to look so cute in my teacher-y, non-running clothes 😉

Let me take a minute to express my gratitude for my Mother. She purchased 10 complete outfits for Evan and 8 for John David. She plans on purchasing 2 more for John David, so I don’t have to wash clothes but every two weeks. How awesome is that?

photo 3


Oh and these are all Nike, Under Armour, and Gap. I have two very well dressed kids and one super awesome Mom. She also ordered them monogrammed, matching backpacks and lunch boxes from LL Bean, AND my Dad took Evan to Walmart the other day and they picked up all of his school supplies. My kids are completely ready for school and I have not spent a dime. I have the most awesome parents on the planet.

Well, they know I am nervous about my new teaching job and they are trying to take all the other stressors in my life out of the equation. Like I said, I have the most awesome parents on the planet.

What did you do this past weekend?



  1. You have AWESOME parents, and I wish you well as the school year begins! I hope you touch the lives of countless students!

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