Pet Chickens…

Yesterday, when I arrived home from church I almost stepped on this little chick when I got out of the truck.


I couldn’t ignore the sweet little chirping, so I carried him in the house. I grabbed an old Rubbermaid tub and some moss (I couldn’t think of anything else) and made a little house in my living room. Aaron discovered what I was doing and went outside to try and find the hen that was sitting the nest this little guy came from. I was hoping we could reunite the family, but instead Aaron returned with 13 brothers and sisters and an unhatched egg. Oh my.


We placed the unhatched egg into the incubator and set up a heat lamp, automatic waterer, and feeder. The egg hatched this afternoon.

Now we have 15 baby chicks in our house. I know we live on a farm, but our chickens are a true natural selection experiment. The strongest survive without help from us. We’ve raised sheep and goats in our living room, but never birds! Oh my…

What do you think?