I Love to Fish

For the past month, we’ve been spending every weekend we can fishing on Lake Ouachita for crappie.  We have done pretty good and here are pictures to prove our success. Please excuse the no make-up and greasy hair.


One of the first crappie I caught this year.


Aaron makes me bait the yo-yos


My best two crappie from the second weekend trip.


All these crappie were caught the same morning. We almost limited out.


I had to have my picture with this beast before I released it. This bass isn’t legal on Lake Ouachita, so he will get to swim more days.


I was fishing with two poles and feeling like a beast.

Do you love to fish? I would love to see some of your great catches!


  1. Fun! Impressive amount of crappie there. And you look adorable per usual:)

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