Back on a Training Plan and the Womble Trail

Sorry to be posting this on a Sunday, but we just returned from another weekend on Lake Ouachita.  After the Little Rock Marathon, I’ve been kind of lackadaisical regarding my fitness, but never fear, I have finally gotten back on a training plan.  Well, I signed up for a marathon on the 25th of May and a 50k on July 12th, and I don’t want to be embarrassed, so I have to prepare. I used my recent 10k time to calculate all my pace times for this round of training.

Sunday, I completed 30 minutes of yoga.

Monday: Easy 3 miles at 11:00 minute pace.


Tuesday, I completed 30 minutes of yoga.

On Wednesday, I had a 6 mile tempo run. 1 mile warm up, 4 miles at 9:24 pace, and a 1 mile cool down.



It was also sunny, and I got my first running tank top lines.

Thursday was absolutely beautiful and I rode 15 miles around Lake DeGray.  I am totally a fair weather cyclist, but I really do love riding.



Friday, was a complete rest day.

On Saturday, I fished the morning away and set out for a run after I ate lunch.  I ran down the road 4 miles and then ran/power hiked the Womble Trail.  I was supposed to do 12 miles, but you know, trails are hard.  I was tired.



The Womble Trail is awesome.  It is very scenic and challenging.  At some points, my HR was in the 170s walking up the inclines.  People mountain bike this trail, and I cannot imagine how hard that is.


Here are some of the scenic views:


The Ouachita River is down there.



I passed several markers along the way that were placed by the Forestry Service. Wouldn’t that be an awesome job!



Let me spend a moment talking about running unfamiliar trails alone. My husband knew exactly the route I was taking, and he knew he should start looking for me after 3 hours.  I carried plenty of water and food just in case I got stranded or hurt.  I also carried my cell phone and when I had service, I would text location updates to narrow a search area if one needed to be conducted.  I also carried a small pistol and pepper spray in my CamelBak. You never know what could happen and it is best to just prepare for everything.

Please do not saunter down a very remote, challenging trail on your first hiking or trail running experience.  Pick something easy, that is heavily traveled.  I am very familiar with the geography of this area and have spent weeks in these woods.

So anyway, I had a great fitness week. What about you?


  1. The womble made me get off my bike and cry once. Just sayin.

    • http://Ashley%20Ederington says

      Ugh, I can totally understand why you would cry on that trail. Good grief, the hills don’t stop…

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