Not According to Plan…

Remember how I told you I was back on a training plan for my marathon next month? Yeah, I didn’t stick to the plan very well this week.

Sunday was Easter and I woke up and just wanted to run, so I headed over to Lake DeGray and ran 6 miles and walked a half mile to cool down:


I’m glad I did, because I was able to see the most beautiful early morning sky.  It was quite religious and I stood there in awe for about 5 minutes before I carried on.


On Monday, I was supposed to run 2 miles at an easy pace, but I ran 3 instead.


Wednesday was horrible.  I was supposed to run like 7 miles of speed work, but I was sickly.  It was just allergies, so I went back to the house and took a nap.


We decided to go fishing this weekend, so I completed my long run on Thursday.  I have never completed a long run on Thursday and it was nice.  I think I really ran 17 miles.  I did an out and back, and I turned around at mile 8.  When I returned back to my car, my Garmin only reflected 14.3 miles. I was confused, but I turned around and ran to 15, but it started storming, so I had to quit.  When I looked at the map of my run, it reassured me that I ran more than 16 miles, but hey, it felt good.  Running 17 miles in a little under 3 hours is more my speed anyway.  So, whatever Garmin.


The pollen was so thick! My snot was yellow! TMI? Well, here is what my Garmin screen looked like after my run.


Next week I’m going to try to stick to my plan better.  Who knows, sometimes life just happens.  It was nice to change my routine up a little and as long as I run the long run, I think I’ll be cool.

What do you think?