2014 Capital City Classic 10k {Race Recap}

Well, have you ever run a race, have a blast, and as your driving away think: “Poop, I didn’t take any pictures. How am I going to blog about this?” Oh, only me? Thankfully, the super awesome Arkansas Outside took a bunches of photos and posted them on their Facebook page.


Me on the way out. Contrary to the picture, I am not pregnant. I was wearing my fanny pack under my long sleeve shirt.


Almost done!

It isn’t surprising that I forgot to take pictures, I forgot a lot of stuff on this morning.  We all left the house at 5:30 and I dropped Aaron off at the hospital, for his shift, at 6:30.  I drove to my parent’s house, dropped the boys off, and then drove quickly to the race.  When I arrived at the race, I had to park a million-billion miles away (really only .75) so I had a nice warm up run to pick up my packet, before the table closed.  I got my packet and my new Spa Pacer singlet with about ten minutes to spare. Oh and I also forgot to eat breakfast. I was hungry. Perfect.

I have never run an official 10k, so I just treated it like a training run.  I ran around a 9 minute pace for the entire race and finished in 56:31.  I felt good and enjoyed the new scenery.  I did get kind of bored because I didn’t have anyone to talk to.  Everyone around me was running seriously and I respected that, so I left them alone.  I did start whistling about 4 miles in, but I realized how annoying that probably was, so I stopped after one verse of “Everything is Awesome,” a song from the Lego Movie my kids are singing on repeat.  I started humming at this point, it was a nice distraction and I don’t think I bothered anyone.  I’m rambling, sorry.  Let me wrap this up. The Capital City Classic 10k is a great, flat race and I highly recommend the event.  Afterwards, there is free marathon quality food, soda, and beer.  El perfecto since I was starving at this point!

I knew this race was flat, so I had an ulterior motive for running.  I needed a comfortable 10k pace to plug into my pace calculator for my 50k training.  My 50k is 14 weeks away, and I needed to set my plan in stone and quit fooling around.  I’m ready now and excited since I’m healthy!

Did you race this past weekend? How’d it go?


  1. Haha loved this!! I can’t believe that was your first official 10K! But I’m with you, I’ve only done two! 10k’s are hard for me to register for for some reason! You had a great time even if it was just a training run!!

    • http://Ashley%20Ederington says

      I know! I run 6 miles all the time, so I’m not sure why I’ve never done a 10k. I really liked it, so I’m planning to add more to my schedule.

  2. I did that race last year as my first ever 10K. I was so hoping to be there this year but am sidelined with an injury 🙁 So glad you enjoyed it! It’s a good one.

    • http://Ashley%20Ederington says

      Yuck, booooooo for the injury! Heal up and you’ll be back out here before you know it!

  3. You have to keep beating Josh Drake. I’m just saying, I need to be able to watch you two battle it out and talk trash. It entertains me.

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