There’s a First Time for Everything…

I didn’t really have a plan for my running this week.  I just ran what felt right.

On Monday it was brutally cold.  It was also the first night for the Women Can Run 5k training clinic.  I am helping to lead one of the groups, so I had to attend.  I really didn’t believe anyone would show up, but even though it was snow flurrying and 25, there were about 30 women.  I was excited.  I ran/walked 2 miles with them and then ran another mile on the track, since I was already there.


Thursday was a surprise.  I decided to run my very first Yasso 800 workout.  Wow, I really wanted to quit after the sixth 800, but I kept going and finished strong:


The Yasso 800 session ended up being 8 miles, which is just right.  I was really surprised to see my times, I never really push myself to run a particular pace, I just like not feeling like I am going to die.  I ran with my HR at 165-170 (I normally run at 150), so I am interested to see how my times improve.  I think during non-taper periods, this will be my go-to midweek workout.

Later that night I got to run with the Women Can Run group again and we run/walked 2 miles.


Saturday was exciting because I got new shoes! I picked up a pair of Brooks Transcends.  Let me start by saying that I have never worn a pair of Brooks that I liked.  Me and Brooks have never gotten along, BUT I really liked these shoes.  I felt like I was cheating on my Hokas, and I’m trying to find a way to tell by Bondi Bs that these are my new shoes for anything less than 13.1.


The Transcends are a happy medium between no cushion and Hoka cushion.  They are also el perfecto if you aren’t a fan of the way Hokas look.  The only thing I am not a fan of is the 8mm drop, but I guess they cannot be perfect.

How were your runs this week? If you live in Arkansas and want to start running, the Women Can Run 5k Training Clinic is only on its second week, so you can still join us! There are locations all around Arkansas and you can find links in this post I wrote a few weeks ago.

What do you think?