My Weekly Training Log {August 18-24, 2013}

It is always scary when a new school year starts.  I have my running schedule all worked out and then a whole new mess of activities get thrown into the mix.  I am glad this week worked out so well.

Monday, I was to run 3 miles at 10:47 pace.  Usually, I can beast these out quickly, but I did a work out video on Sunday and my legs were sooooo sore.  After a mile the soreness eased up, but they still felt like concrete.  20130824-130142.jpg

I had to flip my Wednesday and Thursday’s run this week, so on Wednesday I just ran a quick 2 miles. 20130824-130148.jpg

On Thursday I did my tempo run in between class on the dreadmill.  It was an ok run, I just read my limnology book the entire time.  I do like completing tempo runs and speed work on the treadmill, because you cannot cheat.  I ran a warm up mile, three miles at 9:41 pace, and then a cool down mile.


My Saturday long run went great.  The only problem I had was starting at 9.  It was pretty hot by the time I finished.  I just kept going and drinking water.  I also got a little sunburned.  Oh well.  I felt strong and that is all that matters. 20130824-130159.jpg

I’m glad I got a solid 18 miles in this week.  Makes me feel good about life.  I think my knee has finally gotten stable enough for me to run without worrying about it the entire time.  I cannot wait to have all of my “running” confidence back.  Only time can heal the mental wounds of my injury…

What do you think?