Intro to Geography {iPad App Review}

I am always trying to find good ways to teach boring stuff to my kids.  I’m sorry, but georgraphy is pretty boring.  It is basically just mindless memorization.  I hate that, I want learning to be super fabulous and exciting, so my kids will always be eager for knowledge.

Personally, I love geography and I think it is very, very important.  The world is becoming so small since we are all connected by the interwebs.  We need to know where places are actually physically located on Earth.  I don’t want my kids to think we are just floating around in magical internet space.

Anyway, I found the Intro to Georgraphy app on iTunes.  This game teaches all the countries of North America, even those little ones in Central America, and only costs $1.99.  I was surprised to find out I had a few of the little boogers mixed up, so we all learned a little.

I originally purchased the app for Evan (5) because it is his iPad, but John David (2.5) was able to play the game too.  I was trilled when he started learning the countries!  Here is a video of John David playing, he doesn’t care that it is upside down, lol.

I love the app and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a big nerd and wants their kids to be big nerds too!


  1. I’m going to get that for Charlie! I would’ve thought she was too young, but she’ll be three in a couple weeks. Thanks for sharing.

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