DIY Easy Easter Mani

Don’t laugh at me. Y’all know I love to paint my nails, but I am not artistic.  I browse Pinterest boards for easy ways to liven up my fingers, but I am usually saddened by the amount of talent and time it takes to paint frilly designs.  I really wanted something different for Easter, so […]

Writing a Living Epistle {Center Stage}

Adrienne Gilbreath – Writing a Living Epistle Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Instagram – Pinterest Adrienne is a native Oklahoman living in the heart of Arkansas Razorback country and married to one too, no less.  She has been married for ten years to Bart, an electrical engineer who tells horrible jokes.  She is currently living […]

Idle Speed {Wordless Wednesday}

Heather Parday {Center Stage}

Heather Parday – heatherparady Personal Facebook – Business Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Instagram – Pinterest – LinkedIn Heather is a photographer in central Arkansas. As a small business owner she hopes to inspire others to “quit making excuses” and run after their dreams. What would you like to be remembered for, after your death? being […]

Yippee! Spring is Here! {Wordless Wednesday}

A little grace…

I spent seven days camped in a very remote location on the northwest shore of Lake Ouachita.  There was no electricity or running water, and after turning from the highway, four-wheel drive had to be engaged to prevent the truck from being stuck in the red clay. I enjoyed the week of simplicity and escape. […]

Spring Break!!!

We are venturing into the Ouachita Mountains for seven days, so I am taking a blog break too! I’ll be back with great stories and pictures to share next weekend! There will be no cell service, no electricity, and no problems. I am taking a notepad and plenty of books to keep me occupied when […]

Ting’s Mom {Center Stage}

Karen Weido – Ting’s Mom Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Instagram – Pinterest – YouTube – Bloglovin’ Karen is a wife, a mom, and a blogger. She lives in Southwest Arkansas where she works full time in Healthcare Marketing. She also works full time as a mom to Ting and Bug (not their real names!), and full time as a […]

Finding Fun, Even During Chores {Wordless Wednesday}

Operation Reset

I need to be honest. I need to hit the reset button on my attitude, eating, and life in general.  I was going to keep all of these thoughts to myself, but I think a bit of transparency is needed.  I’m not perfect, and I don’t ever want to come across as a self righteous […]