Tax Free Weekend

Well, I have to report to school tomorrow to start my school year. I need to be professionally developed for two weeks before the school year starts. Honestly, I think I need a few years of professional development, but that is a whole different story. I came to the realization that my summer was ending […]

A Little Sneak Peak {Wordless Wednesday}

Perfect July Day

First, if you want to read about the 50k I completed last weekend, go over to Maniac Mom and check out my recap. Secondly, can you believe this awesome weather we are having!!! Wow, It feels marvelous outside! We went for a walk around the farm to check on all the animals, and we found […]

It’s Official Official!

When I began applying for teaching positions, I bookmarked all the employment pages of the school districts I wanted to work for. I admit that I was very particular about this and only 8 districts made my list. Not only was I looking for a job for myself, I also had to consider the boy’s […]

Just Relax {Wordless Wednesday}

LLCs, Kind Words, and Perfect Selfies {Weekly Random Recap}

Well, after almost three years of blogging, the IRS finally subscribed to my posts. Just kidding, they don’t care about my content, they just want me to pay my taxes correctly. I formed an LLC that can encompass everything I do now, and my future: Speaking of everything I do now, here are two posts […]

Finding Joy After Disappointment

I’ve half written this post several times. I wasn’t sure if I should share. I didn’t really know how to edit the words to make all of this sound pretty. Then I realized that life isn’t pretty, and I can be honest with you guys. No, for real, I’m going to start sending my new […]

Mirror Mirror {Wordless Wednesday}

Pet Chickens…

Yesterday, when I arrived home from church I almost stepped on this little chick when I got out of the truck. I couldn’t ignore the sweet little chirping, so I carried him in the house. I grabbed an old Rubbermaid tub and some moss (I couldn’t think of anything else) and made a little house […]

A Very Good Friday

Evan was out of school last Friday, so we took a little family field trip to Little Rock.  Cassie was out also, so she tagged along!   Our first stop was the Museum of Discovery in the Rivermarket district of Little Rock.  This is a great place for kids around Evan’s age that are interested […]