2014 Arkansas Women Can Run 5k Training Series

Are you a woman in Arkansas who has always wanted to run/walk a 5k? Next week, women all across Arkansas will be starting a training series together!  After 10 weeks, everyone will come together and run/walk the the Women Can Run 5k on May 10th in Conway. You can find details about clinic locations here […]

Arkansas Flower and Garden Show {Ticket Giveaway}

Being a member of Arkansas Women Bloggers has advantages.  A group of us was provided a remarkable dinner, entertainment, and education regarding the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show, so we could share the event details with you.  We were also given free tickets to the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show to enjoy for ourselves and […]

#AWBU 2013 Recap

I hope that didn’t hurt your eyes and ears too much.  Now I have to figure out how to change the size of my column, so it doesn’t overflow into the sidebar. One new thing per day, so I’ll have to get to that later.  I want to start vlogging more.  I want to become […]

Guess What?!?!?

I’m packing for AWBU!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited! Ok, if you don’t know what AWBU is, you are sad can head over to Arkansas Women Bloggers and check it out. This year New Balance of Arkansas is allowing Lisa and me to direct the First Annual Women Bloggers 5k!!! Woah!  We have some pretty neat stuff planned and they are giving out AMAZING prizes! […]

Happy May!

Y’all know I have been struggling with injuries over the last two months.  It has been a really big bummer.  First, the stress fracture and now I have torn my ACL a little.  I have went though all the stages of grief, and I have finally made it around to acceptance.  I know that I […]

In Honor of Matt Turner

Mountain Valley Water and P. Allen Smith Sweepstakes

I just wanted to pass along a great sweepstakes.  Mountain Valley Spring Water and P. Allen Smith have come together to offer a truly wonderful, relaxing weekend.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to tour P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home and meet Mr. Smith.  He is one of the most interesting, genuine, and funny gentlemen […]

Intro to Geography {iPad App Review}

I am always trying to find good ways to teach boring stuff to my kids.  I’m sorry, but georgraphy is pretty boring.  It is basically just mindless memorization.  I hate that, I want learning to be super fabulous and exciting, so my kids will always be eager for knowledge. Personally, I love geography and I […]