You Will Not Stumble

Do you ever just search a random word in the Bible to see what God has to say about the subject? Oh, only me… Well, the other day I searched “run.”  I was looking for verses to get me pumped up and ready to beast races, but instead I found one that made me smile. […]

New Trails to Explore

I was able to meet up with my only local running buddy, Zabrina, and explore a new trail at Iron Mountain on Lake DeGray.  I needed to run 5 miles for my marathon training and she just loves to run trails, so ta-da.  Zabrina is a for real mountain biker that races all over the […]

Week 9 Recap {Marathon Training}

Week 8 Recap I am so glad I was able to get back to normal running this week!  All the snow melted and I was able to return to my normal routine. Sunday: I rested Monday: I ran 4 miles in 37:53 with an average pace of 9:28 minutes/mile on the super awesome tread mill. […]

2012 Mt. Nebo Bench Trail Run {2013 Arkansas Trail Run Series}

  After a lovely 4:30am alarm and two and a half hour, curvy, drizzly drive I finally made it to Mt. Nebo. This was my first time to travel up the mountain and the views were just wonderful! Ok, it was a little too foggy to see the river valley below, but the clouds did […]

Week 2 Recap {Marathon Training}

Week 1 Recap Last week I tweaked my ankle on Monday, so I rested.  It paid off, because I started this week 100% and feeling good.  I can tell I am maturing as a runner because I was disciplined enough to rest and heal.  It was hard, but it was a good lesson to learn. […]

Race the Base Trail Run {2013 Arkansas Trail Run Series}

This past Saturday I ventured into the world of trail running.  My roomie, Lisa,  from AWBU was directing her first race and being the great pal that I am, I signed up.  I have run on gravel and dirt roads, but never a bonafide trail.  I am kind of clumsy and I hoped this adventure […]