Not According to Plan…

Remember how I told you I was back on a training plan for my marathon next month? Yeah, I didn’t stick to the plan very well this week. Sunday was Easter and I woke up and just wanted to run, so I headed over to Lake DeGray and ran 6 miles and walked a half […]

Back on a Training Plan and the Womble Trail

Sorry to be posting this on a Sunday, but we just returned from another weekend on Lake Ouachita.  After the Little Rock Marathon, I’ve been kind of lackadaisical regarding my fitness, but never fear, I have finally gotten back on a training plan.  Well, I signed up for a marathon on the 25th of May […]

Running is Better Than Therapy

When I wasn’t allowed to finish the Little Rock Marathon, I felt as if I had failed to reach my goal of becoming a Marathon Maniac.  I understand that everything surrounding my “re-routing” was completely beyond my control, but in my mind I failed.  What if I would have disobeyed the police officer and kept […]

2014 Little Rock Marathon {Race Recap}

First, let me state that the 2014 Little Rock Marathon was re-routed for our safety.  I was only allowed to complete 14-ish miles.  At 11:30am there was a large severe thunderstorm located around Hot Springs Village, and it was projected to move directly over the race course.  The race directors were forced to make the […]

I’m Being Lazy

This weekend is going to be really busy.  I have a lot of very, very fun things planned.  I am super excited, but there is a little problem. I cannot get motivated to plan, pack, or clean the house.  I have been binge watching Sherlock this morning. I am normally a very motivated person.  I make […]

2014 Mississippi River Marathon {Race Recap}

This past weekend, Lisa and I completed the Mississippi River Marathon.  We only have one more marathon (on March 2) before we are officially Maniacs! The always lovely, Delta Moxie allowed us to stay in her home during our trip.  It was lightly snowing when we arrived, but the beautiful welcome banner and good luck […]

Two for One Special {Weekly Training Log}

I just realized that I didn’t post my runs last week, because of the epic stomach bug.  So this will be a quick two week review. For the week of Jan 12-18, I only got to run twice.  Sunday: And Wednesday: Both were good runs.  On the Wednesday run, I tested out a new jacket. […]

Makeup That Lasts 26.2 Miles

Last year I ran a really great trail race on Lake DeGray.  I knew the trail very well, and placed second out of the women and thirteenth overall.  I know this is so vain and please don’t think less of me for my next statement.  I was not happy with the photo that was taken […]

Inaugural 3 Bridges Marathon {Race Recap}

This post is long and I am not sorry. Running the 3 Bridges Marathon was one of the best things that happened to me in 2013.  After being plagued by injury all summer, I needed something to restore my running confidence.  You see, I’ve only been running for two years.  People assume I have been […]

My Weekly Training Log {Marathon Training Weeks 11 & 12}

Well, week 11 started off pretty normal.  I beasted my short Monday run and mid-distance Wednesday run with no problems. Saturday, I was supposed to run 16 miles.  I skipped.  I did not feel like running, so I didn’t.  Gasp! Week 12 started out super busy and it was my last rest week for this […]