I feel like a new blogger!

So, uh, this is my first post from WordPress.  I am nervous that I am going to screw something up or hit the wrong button. I already love the way things are laid out for me.  This is a lot easier, I can see everything I need from this screen and that makes me happy. […]

I’m headed over to WordPress!

>I finally took the plunge and I will be heading over to WordPress! What does this mean to you? Well, If you subscribe to my blog via Google Friend Connect, you need to subscribe to my RSS in the top right corner.  It is the little orange button.  Other than that, everything else will be […]

The Inaugural Bean2Blog Event

>I was invited to attend the Inaugural Bean2Blog Event sponsored by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board at P. Allen Smith‘s Moss Mountain Farm.  Wow, what a day.  The weather was perfect and the Moss Mountain Farm was a beautiful setting to learn about the miracle bean. We started the day with a personal tour of […]

Guest Posting

I have about 5 drafted posts I am getting ready for you guys, but in the meantime, I guest posted on A Girl Named Michael‘s wonderful blog today! She broke her hand (ouch) and needed some filler material, while she was healing. Head on over and show us some love! By the way, if you […]

*Sad Trombone*

>Oh, my sad little family blog, I have neglected you terribly.  It seems as if life has just gotten in the way of all the fun I used to have.  Er, not really, I have just been lazy and only completed the things that were absolutely necessary over the last two weeks. I have been […]

Funny Friday

>This morning was so abnormal all you can do is look back and laugh. First, after Evan’s puking incident yesterday morning, he is convinced that Toaster Strudels are poisonous, so he wanted something different for breakfast. Of course he wanted the only thing that we didn’t have in the fridge, so he asked for Ramen […]

Memorable Messy Thursday

>Ah, what a messy, yucky, turned out to be lovely day… Aaron left for work at the crack of dawn and I woke up on time, so far, so good.  Evan woke up on his own and, as always, turned on Phineas and Ferb.  I made him breakfast (he requested Toaster Strudel) and a big […]

Funny Friday

> Monster Baby I love how he tries to look innocent at first. Oh Booza, thank Jesus you are cute.

Funny Friday

>Thank God it is Friday! We have had one heck of a week and now for a little laugh. Evan is working on enunciating his L sounds and I guess I shouldn’t laugh at him, but it is funny… And, yes, that is John David screaming in the background. Awesome. And this great photo of […]