Perfect July Day

First, if you want to read about the 50k I completed last weekend, go over to Maniac Mom and check out my recap.

Secondly, can you believe this awesome weather we are having!!! Wow, It feels marvelous outside! We went for a walk around the farm to check on all the animals, and we found that Maggie the Mule Colt is doing wonderful. She is so cute:

Maggie the Mule Colt


We also found an old apple tree that is producing this year:



We picked one, took a bite, and they are pretty sweet even though they are months away from being ripe. Hopefully we’ll get enough apples to make a pie this fall.

After our walk, we realized that we should take advantage of this weather as much as we could, so we loaded up the dogs and headed over to the Ross Foundation to explore. Mississippi always relaxes during the ride, but Marley has to see everything:



We really didn’t do much, but we did visit the old spring tap:



The water is so cold and tastes terrific. Honestly, I think this is where folks used to make moon shine, but I can’t prove it.

We rode around a bit longer and headed back to the house with the windows down. I love it when a cool spell hits in the middle of summer. I think this afternoon we’ll grill some burgers and sit on the front porch to watch the sun set.

Is the weather nice where you are? I hope you can get outside and enjoy the afternoon like we are!!!!!

What do you think?