LLCs, Kind Words, and Perfect Selfies {Weekly Random Recap}

Well, after almost three years of blogging, the IRS finally subscribed to my posts. Just kidding, they don’t care about my content, they just want me to pay my taxes correctly. I formed an LLC that can encompass everything I do now, and my future:


Speaking of everything I do now, here are two posts I have written recently: Dutch Oven Corn Bread for Taste Arkansas and Fishing with Dad for Only in Arkansas. Go check out both of them and tell me what you think.

Did you know there are “other” folders you can receive messages in on Facebook? Well, I didn’t. I found several messages, but this one really made me smile:


Isn’t that sweet! That was my first distance run after the big injury of 2013. I was so happy to be running again. I will never run past a struggling runner. During mile 21 of my very first marathon, a very sweet lady put her arm around me and whispered the encouragement that I needed to finish. I’m just glad I can help other runners cross the finish line. PRs are a worthless endeavor if you can’t stop and help someone.

Ok, here are two totally worthless, but fun, things I found on the internet this week. First is this website that you can put your birthday into and it tells you about things that happened during your lifetime.  It is a nice waste of 15 minutes.

Second, is the app Perfect365.  This is a free app that allows you to very easily edit your selfies. I didn’t think it would be that great, but I was wrong. Check out the subtle awesomeness:



My new phrase is going to be: Hold on, let me edit my selfie.

So anyway, I hope you’ve had a great week! Enjoy this Friday the 13th (always a lucky day for me) and the Honey Moon! Do you have any awesome plans this weekend? I’m running a race in North Little Rock and celebrating Father’s Day!


  1. Yay for being a business! I’ve been thinking I should probably do the same-just haven’t started the research on what or how to do it.

  2. You don’t need selfie editing:)

  3. I’m downloading that app right now! Awesome! And congrats on the LLC!

  4. http://diningwithdebbie says

    Well, look at you all Miss Legal Eagle! Good for you:) That app for selfie editing? You don’t need it at all, but you can pass it right on over to me:)

  5. I need that app. I don’t take very many selfies, but I might start after downloading that app. 🙂

  6. And now I have a new app! And congrats on figuring out your LLC name. I like it.

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