Let’s Catch Up


I have not posted in 15 days! Woah, sorry. The weather has been super and we have been playing, so let’s catch up with photos real fast!

We went to Family Farm, outside of Benton, and it was AWESOME! They have day camps during the summer and Evan will be attending this summer.





We have season passes to Magic Springs and we will be spending many days at the park this summer.


I passed the Praxis Core, so I’ve completed the first step of becoming a real teacher.


We had our dental check ups with Dr. Benton in Hot Springs. Dr. Benton is awesome, and will soon be my brother-in-law.


Evan got sick, but he was a champ.


I painted my nails neat-o again.


And a very awesome rainbow.


I’m also working on a little rebranding of myself. Hopefully, on July 13th my new blog will go live. I have to accomplish a major goal before I can use the domain name and feel comfortable. I’m designing it right now and I want it to be perfect. I will be moving all of my running stuff over there and keeping family stuff here. I think it will be a great move for me and you guys.  I know that some of you like my family and the rest of you like to read about my running escapades. I’m excited!

What do you think?