A Very Good Friday

Evan was out of school last Friday, so we took a little family field trip to Little Rock.  Cassie was out also, so she tagged along!



Our first stop was the Museum of Discovery in the Rivermarket district of Little Rock.  This is a great place for kids around Evan’s age that are interested in the sciences.  I was in heaven watching them explore, and I was super happy to be able to explain some of the displays in more detail!


Exploring different suspension systems for bridges.



Building earthquake resistant buildings!


Weight distribution!




I had my gait analyzed lol

After the boys had their fill, we went to lunch at The Root.  Cassie has adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, so I figured I would cater to her.  Since I recently tried vegetarianism for a few months, I really didn’t mind.  Don’t worry The Root has meat too, so you should totally give this place a try.



A little play ground.

After dinner we picked up some awesome ice cream at The Green Corner Store.  I even indulged. The salted caramel was totally worth the gastrointestinal distress.


Cassie needed a few props for her next production, so we stopped at Goodwill. She is the costume manager for this play.  She is 17 and this is a huge honor.  I was happy to purchase two very lovely hats for the cause.


Overall, we had a blast and the boys were so tired at the end of the day.


  1. Try the Banh Mi at The Root. And did you know you can now buy Loblolly ice cream from the same kid who sold you your last pair of Brooks running shoes? Yeah, ice cream won out over outdoor gear for the summer before college. Imagine that. Science, local food, and local food made with gastronomic SCIENCE! you had a great day.

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