DIY Easy Easter Mani

Don’t laugh at me. Y’all know I love to paint my nails, but I am not artistic.  I browse Pinterest boards for easy ways to liven up my fingers, but I am usually saddened by the amount of talent and time it takes to paint frilly designs.  I really wanted something different for Easter, so I came up with the simplest idea ever.  If I can do this, anyone can!

1.  Gather these supplies:

Easter Mani Supplies

CND Vinylux in Gotcha #116 (pink), Cerulean Sea #171 (blue), Lush Tropics #170 (green), and Weekly Top Coat
Striping Tape
Two fine nail art brushes

2.  Paint your entire nail Gotcha #116 and let dry completely:


3.  Apply striping tape to every nail, in the pattern you desire:


It is very important that you stick all the tape on before you start painting.  The striping tape can be frustrating, and you don’t want to be fooling around with it while your polish is wet.

4.  Paint the Cerulean Sea #171 and Lush Tropics #170 stripes with the fine nail art brushes and immediately remove the striping tape.  It is very important to remove the striping tape while the polish is still wet.  Let me repeat, complete one nail at a time!

5.  After you have striped all nails, apply CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat.  This stuff is magic.  This polish really lasts a full seven days.

Ta-da! You’re done.  I know my results aren’t perfect, but this is my very first attempt and I had John David crawling all over me during this process.  I’m happy with the results.

Easy Easter Mani

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