Heather Parday {Center Stage}


Heather Parday – heatherparady
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Heather is a photographer in central Arkansas. As a small business owner she hopes to inspire others to “quit making excuses” and run after their dreams.

What would you like to be remembered for, after your death?
being fearless

Are you are morning or night person?
Morning!! I actually wrote an e-book, “How to be a Morning Person”

What are your favorite hobbies?
I absolutely love to travel. I plan to travel the entire world. I also love boosting people’s confidence. People are starving to hear, “You can do it!!”

I also enjoy running. Sometimes.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?

Because I need a tan.

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?
I want to be responsible for hundreds of start up businesses. I think people have great ideas and just need an extra little “boost”.

I want to be that boost.

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?
Oh my…..I would say baby food. My kid eats a lot.

What is that one thing which makes you different? I get to the point.

We have enough “fluff” in the world. If I have something to say that I believe has some value ..I just say it. People are busy and don’t need to sort through a bunch of adjectives to get to the root of a message.

What’s the one thing, you can’t live without?
Coffee. It gives me courage:)

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day and why?
I would love to go on Oprah. No reason other than I like her and being on TV would be cool.

What’s your favorite movie of all time and why?
I feel very inspired after watching, “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

I think that one.

What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Invest it. A million is not that much, so I would be thinking about how to make a million ….two million.

What’s your favorite album to listen to over and over and why?
Anything by Coldplay. I am friends with Chris Martin. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Would you like to know the day you’re going to die ahead of time? Why or why not?
Oh my. Who is coming up with these questions?

I would say yes. It would light a fire.

What one thing are you most proud of?
My daughter. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

What’s the kindest act you have ever seen done (either to/by you or another)?
When I was a teenager I was running at a nearby park. There was this really old couple there walking and holding hands. They had to be in their 80s. The old man bent down reallyyyyyyy slowly and picked a little flower off the ground and handed it to her.

It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

What is your favorite way to waste time at work without getting caught? (we won’t tell)
Ehhh. I am OCD with my time. Social media is probably my weakness. So I avoid that unless its for business during working hours.

You were just given a yacht. What would you name it?

What do you keep in the trunk of your car?
A running stroller and camera equipment. I think their are some angel wings at the moment too (picture prop).

Tell something that nobody knows about you.
When I was younger I got the words “fetish” and “phobia” mixed up….

And went around church telling people I had a “foot fetish”…

Name the most famous person you’ve had a face to face encounter with (“brush with greatness”).
No one……YET!!! But did I mention I might be on Oprah one day?

What is your favorite quote?
“People will laugh at first, then they will follow”

What’s your favorite sport?
FOOTBALL! Only if i have someone to watch it will though…and some brownies.

If you could plan your ultimate vacation, where would you go?
Backpack Europe…..

If you could meet anyone from history, who would you meet and why?
Joan of Arc…she was pretty hardcore.

If you could meet anyone from the Bible who would it be and what would you ask them? (Besides Jesus)

What is the craziest (or stupidest) thing you have ever done?
Climbed a mountain barefoot.

Don’t ask.

If I wasn’t afraid I would _________ (What?)
Sell everything I own. Be free. Travel.

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
Oh man…that’s depressing….WHY DID YOU END WITH THAT QUESTION?????

Something poisonous. I don’t want to be electrocuted:((((((

What do you think?