No Soda {30 Day Challenge}

You know what happens when I get bored? I come up with weird ways to challenge myself.

I decided to give up soda, most importantly diet coke, for 30 days.  It was interesting.

The first couple of days were pretty rough.  I still drank coffee in the morning, but about 3:30, my energy dipped.  I dealt with the initial headaches with a cup of coffee, and that worked well.  After the first week, it wasn’t that big of a deal, and I could manage with just my morning coffee.  On two occasions, I really, really craved the taste of diet coke, but I stayed strong.

So, yeah, I think I will stick with only drinking coffee, water, and un-sweet tea.  Not drinking soda saves me about $5 a week and not to get all self-rightous, but soda has a lot of nasty sweeteners and chemicals, and I’m glad they are not entering my body anymore. I made it through the initial detox process without killing Aaron, so I don’t think I will not test my luck again. I broke the habit, and I don’t want to start again.

Is there something you really want to give up? The only advice I have is to make up your mind, and grit your teeth.  Seriously, that is all I have.  I wish I had something more profound, but I don’t.  Just stop cold turkey and move forward.

So, how am I challenging myself for the next 30 days? Starting today, I’m going to aim for completing at least 15 minutes of yoga, every single day. Check back on March 26th and see how the next 30 days goes!


  1. I tried giving up soda once. It lasted about 36 hours. I honestly thought I was going to die (yea, not really, but still). I have gotten down to one a day so I’m taking that as my victory!

  2. So, I just found another FFA from Arkansas! YAY. I lucked out by seeing a tweet from Arkansas RRCA. Good luck on the soda challenge. once you stop drinking it, you kind of don’t want it any longer. It’s probably been 2 years since I’ve had a soda.

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