I’m Being Lazy

This weekend is going to be really busy.  I have a lot of very, very fun things planned.  I am super excited, but there is a little problem.

I cannot get motivated to plan, pack, or clean the house.  I have been binge watching Sherlock this morning. I am normally a very motivated person.  I make lists and work like a robot to methodically mark things off.

Seriously, I would rather publish this post about me being a procrastinator than actually get up and accomplish a few chores.

Ok, here is what I need to do:
-Stop watching Sherlock.
-Stop obsessively checking the weather forecast for Sunday morning.
-Close my MacBook and put down my iPad.
-Eat Lunch.
-Wash dishes.
-Pack my children’s clothes.
-Lay out running clothes.
-Plan my food for Little Rock Marathon.
-Make a rain plan for Little Rock Marathon.
-Make list of all the locations I want to visit in Little Rock tomorrow.
-Paint my nails red to match my costume for the Little Rock Marathon.

Lol, let’s see if I actually get this stuff done today, or if I am frantically running around tomorrow morning wrapping up loose ends…


  1. Come on, girl! You can do it! Getter did! 😉 see ya soon!

  2. Good luck on Sunday!

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