A Full Week of Winning

First, Loretta and Sandy are the winners of my Arkansas Flower and Garden Show ticket giveaway!  I am really excited to be attending this year, and I will be at the Arkansas Women Bloggers booth on Saturday from 2-6pm! Stop by and see me!!!!

I have really had a great week.  So great, I didn’t pause long enough to blog about all the great things.  Here is a quick recap of all the important highlights!

Evan lost his third tooth!


I found some really good chips:


And on a morning that I was terribly discouraged and frustrated, God really showed up during my quiet time.  I think this needs a little explanation.  I am using the Bible App to read the entire Bible in one year, and right now I am in Leviticus.  Whew, this book is full of law and makes my head spin, but that is for another time.  I was whining to God about a situation, and basically how I was getting frustrated with having to wait and seeing no change or results.  Well, when I opened up the app and selected my reading plan, this popped up on the screen:


FYI, those two verses are actually Galatians 6:9-10, not Leviticus 21:9-10.  I know some of you will dismiss this as a technological glitch, but I know my God was telling me exactly what I needed to hear to provide my soul with encouragement.

Oh and don’t let me forget my sweet Cassie!  She was the entire front page of the Living section in The Saline Courier last Sunday!!!!!! I am so stinking proud of that kid!!!!!


I hope you had a great week.  We are fixing to head to Texarkana so I can participate in the Run the Link Half Marathon tomorrow.  I am kind of excited that the weather is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!

What do you think?