Declaration Day

When you read my goals for 2014, that I published on January 1st, you may have noticed that I left out any real running goals.  I did that on purpose.  I do have running goals for 2014, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make them official.  Honestly, I was still searching my heart to figure out if one of them was really something I wanted.

Rewind: I stumbled across Fellow Flowers at the Little Rock Marathon Expo last year.  I liked the idea and sentiment behind each color, but none of the mottos really fit me.  I mean, you know I tried to make the light pink and dark pink flowers speak to my soul, but I just couldn’t.  I forgot about the entire idea until a friend RT’ed their Declaration Day tweet and re-sparked my interest.  I browsed there website and found this shirt.  I hope they come back to LR this year and bring one for me to buy.

I also was inspired to share my running goals for 2014 publicly:


So, yeah. Now it is official.

To qualify for Marathon Maniac status, you have to run 3 marathons in 90 days.  I have already completed #1 and #2 is next weekend.  The Little Rock Marathon will be #3.  I convinced Lisa that she wanted to do this also, and she will be right by my side for all the pain and glory.

I am going to run the Full mOOn 50k on July 12th.  This is a fairly easy run on forestry roads.  I should be able to complete this with no problem.

Also, the whole picking my flower thing got solved also.  They released the turquoise flower today:


Most of you guys don’t know the story of my twenties.  Maybe someday I’ll share all the details.  Just trust me, turquoise is my color.


  1. Go get your Maniac status!!! You are sure to rock your 2014 goals! With Grand Canyon on my horizon I might be joining you for Full Moon but just the 25K distance.

  2. What an amazing goal to have Ashley – sounds like you are well on your way already. Keep us updated on your progress!

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