Mississippi River Marathon

This past weekend, Lisa and I completed the Mississippi River Marathon.  We only have one more marathon (on March 2) before we are officially Maniacs!

The always lovely, Delta Moxie allowed us to stay in her home during our trip.  It was lightly snowing when we arrived, but the beautiful welcome banner and good luck notes warmed our spirits and made us feel welcome:


She left us kicky avocado kale salad (magically perfect), homemade marina (best I’ve ever had), and pasta to carb load with!


I cannot thank Kellee enough for letting us stay in her home.  She is a beautiful, generous lady that you should all get to know via her blog.

On race morning it was cold, but the snow/freezing rain had stopped.  The first few bridges we crossed were totally iced over and we had to skate across them.  Thankfully by the time we made it to the Mississippi River bridge, it had thawed.  Of course, we took a lot of pictures on the bridge:


Lisa looks totally comfortable leaning so close to the edge.


I was not comfy being so close to the edge. Ahhh, it was a long way down!!!

We took pictures for other runners and they returned the favor.  I absolutely love this photo:


The official photographers caught this awesome shot:


Y’all see why I make Lisa run with me?!?! She is as fun as a barrel monkeys and makes 26.2 freezing miles bearable.  Oh, and also I have to thank David Meroney.  His smiling face and encouraging words throughout the race were awesome! He gave me the best tasting Lay’s potato chips around mile 16 and I grabbed another bag around 20.  So awesome.

The last miles were in a residential neighborhood in Greenville and a special shot-out to the folks on Bayou Road is necessary.  They had aid stations with the perfect drinks and food: beer, pretzels, and donuts.

We were still a few blocks from the finish line when it came into view, and I was not impressed.  It seemed like it was another 5 miles away.  I was mentally done, but Lisa told me to shut it and come on.  That’s what friends are for.



Ahhh, time to relax!  Well, kind of.  Lisa is running the Sylamore Trail 25k and I am running the Run the Line Half Marathon this weekend.  We are a couple of silly gals!

You can read Lisa’s professional recap on Arkansas Outside and see more goofy pictures of us.


  1. Y’all are crazy, but I have to say you look like you’re having a good time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh dear I think we were spurring each other on at the end- I remember you telling me to shut it and come on too. There is no way I would or could run long distances without a good friend. I’m too slow and like to play too much. Beer. It ain’t yo momma’s Gatorade.

  3. I saw lots of pictures of the icy bridges from this race, Burrrrr. Glad you had a buddy to keep you going.

  4. So impressed! I’m training for triathlons and I wish I could just run the 5K without feeling like I’m going to die, much less a marathon! Good job girl!

  5. Yay! Looks like a COLD race!!! I’m loving that jump picture, it’s fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚

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