Two for One Special {Weekly Training Log}

I just realized that I didn’t post my runs last week, because of the epic stomach bug.  So this will be a quick two week review.

For the week of Jan 12-18, I only got to run twice.  Sunday:


And Wednesday:


Both were good runs.  On the Wednesday run, I tested out a new jacket.  It is a Gap Fit jacket that was on sale for $25.  It is like wearing a pretty trash bag (which is good).  It was windproof and by the two mile mark, condensation was forming under the sleeves and I tied it around my waist.  Since it was so thin, it tied very easy and didn’t slip off.  This Gap jacket was a solid $25 investment.

I was supposed to run 20 miles on Saturday, but the epic stomach bug was in full swing.

Jan 19-26

Monday, I was still too sick to run.

Thursday, Evan was able to return to school and I felt a lot better, so I had a test run.  I took it really, really slow because I was still weak.  It was also really cold:


Everything was back to normal on Saturday and the weather was PERFECT! I was only supposed to run 12, but I decided to run a little more and complete 13.1.  My heart rate monitor quit working. Ugh. I have to call Garmin on Monday and get a replacement.


So, now we are all caught up! I need to get back to doing yoga. I’m a little stiff and need to make sure my hips stay relaxed.  Next week, I’m going to do better (ha ha, I always say that).  Lisa and I are running another marathon Feb 8, so I suppose I am on my taper.  I have gotten so relaxed in my training, that I really don’t know what I am doing anymore and I think I like it.


  1. Running for “fun” is so much better than running for “time” isn’t it?

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