How to Survive an Epic Stomach Bug

*This is not medical advice.  If you are as sick as we were, go to your doctor like we did.*

You may have noticed that I have been absent from social media and the blogging world.  Well, my family has been under attack from the most awful stomach bug ever.  Only Evan and I have been affected, and for that I am super thankful.  So you don’t have to read the words vomiting and diarrhea over and over, I am going to replace those with “suffering #1” and “suffering #2,” respectively.

Evan began suffering Friday morning and I began to suffer Saturday morning.  So, Evan’s suffering lasted 6 days and my suffering lasted 5 days! Saturday and Sunday were the worst, with a bathroom visit about every 20 minutes.  We promptly went to the doctor on Monday and received Zofran (miracle drug) and explicit instructions on when to return to be admitted.  The Zofran quickly eliminated suffering #1 from our illnesses and just left the suffering #2 to be managed.  This is how we managed to survive.

How to Survive an Epic Stomach Bug

1. Have a RN for a husband.  Ok, I know this isn’t an option for all, but Aaron really kept us going.  He reminded us to drink and monitored our vital signs.  Bless his heart, he would take our blood pressure and pulse and chart them just like he was at work.  The only thing he didn’t do was clean up.  I took care of all of that, because I didn’t want him to get sick too!

2.  Old coffee cans.  My husband has saved old coffee containers for a while.  He keeps them in an out of the way place, but I have griped about them a lot.  Never again.  They have been so valuable.  I could tell when I was going to suffer #1, so I was able to make it to the restroom, but Evan has not perfected this skill.  He had to use the “puke bucket” on several occasions.  Best part, you can snap the lips back on and throw them in the garbage! (just remember to take out the garbage)

3.  Tailwind or other electrolyte drink. I know all those Mom’s who make their own electrolyte drinks.  Well, I was suffering and I was not standing up long enough to make anything.  Tailwind is organic and I love it for my running, so it just made sense to use it during this time.  When you are losing a lot of fluids, you have to replace your precious electrolytes, so we drank sips after every bathroom visit. Also, a flavored electrolyte drink tastes a lot better than water the second time around. Pleasant I know.

4.  Video games, Netflix, and YouTube.  I think those three items speak for themselves.  Laying perfectly still for hours and hours can get really boring, especially with a 7 year old.  I removed all time limits on electronics and we just embraced the mind-numbing, time-killing technology!


5.  BRAT diet + vanilla Greek yogurt.  After we were able to get the magic Zofran, we started the BRAT (banana, rice, apple sauce, toast) diet and I added a serving of vanilla greek yogurt to help with recolonization of healthy gut bacteria.  This really increased our strength and perked up our spirits.  We still suffered #2, but hey, at least we could stand up without almost fainting!

6.  Keep smiling.  I know this sounds stupid, but the entire stomach bug process really sucks for everybody.  Just remain positive.  Enjoy the time you have with your sick kid.  Watch what they want to watch, read what they want to read.  Don’t worry about what you are missing or what you could be doing.  Just enjoy the precious time with your child and be thankful for the memories in between bathroom visits.  Also, you can take horrible looking, poorly lit, selfies and post them to Instagram.


Let me leave you with two funny phrases that were used the most, over the last 6 days:
When moving from any location to another: Don’t forget your puke bucket!!!!
And to determine if Evan was still sick: How do your burps taste? (Sour milk = still sick)

Has your family ever survived an epic stomach bug? Share your secrets of survival (and staying out of the hospital) in the comments!


  1. You poor things! My entire family went through this a few weeks ago. It was awful!

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