a Rant, a Tribe, and a Fear

You know what I really do not like? Well, I don’t care if you do or not.  I’m fixing to tell you.  Fitness models that have obviously had plastic surgery.  You know: boob jobs and such. That drives me insane.  Well, only the ones who are blasting pictures of themselves on Instagram and Facebook, screaming “You can accomplish this if you work hard!!!!”  Uh, no.  You need about $5,000-$10,000 to look like that.  I mean, if you want to get a boob job, that is cool with me, just don’t try to convince people to pay you money for workout plans.  I understand that it is January and these fitness types make a lot of money on folks trying to get fit for their resolutions, but seriously: NOT COOL!

This is my train of thought: If you have had your boobs done, what else did you have done at the same time?  Have you had lipo?  Why did you not like your natural self?  Could you not achieve a body you are proud of by working hard? Why should I trust you; you are fake!?!?

Sorry, I’m done with that.

This week I have been participating in a Tribe building exercise with the SITS Girls.  It has been really fun connecting with bloggers that I really don’t have anything in common with, but are still pretty awesome chicks.  You should go check them out:

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Jen at Jael Custom Designs
Kimber at Moxie Me
Carissa at The Green Eyed Lady
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Dana at Kiss My List

On a even more totally random note, I have a very odd fear that I am going to drive up to my house and it will be on fire.  Woah! Never crosses my mind during the day, but at night the fear grips me as soon as I enter the gate.  I think it is the fact that we live in the middle of no where and it is pitch black dark at night.  When you make the turn in our driveway, all you can see is our bedroom window.  It has a weird orange glow that quickens my pulse.  Why does my bedroom glow orange? I don’t know, but I need to make it stop.  As with all my fears, I need to give this one over to God.  May be that’s why I am writing this now, so I can let go.  There is nothing in my home that cannot be replaced.  I know if my home did burn, God would provide a replacement.  Now that I think about the whole situation, why do I fear something that I can’t control and I know will be taken care of? Well, that was therapeutic.

Aaron just chastised me for writing that paragraph.  He gets to watch network news at work, and he said there have been a lot of home fires this winter.  I did not know that, and I feel deeply apologetic if you, are someone you know, has suffered this horrible loss.

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I have gone TWO entire days with no Diet Coke.  I am not dead yet.  I think I may be able to keep going with this…


I have one Diet Coke hiding in my fridge, just in case I flip out!

Let me leave you with some pictures of my boys sleeping.  They are so precious.



 Well, what totally random thing do you have on your mind? Spill it and make me look a little more normal…


  1. Derp. Fear of fire is normal. I think. I mean, every once in a while I worry about it. I worry the storage of paint and crap in our garage is an accident waiting to happen. We had a kitchen grease fire when I was a kid (actually my fault but that’s another story) and were in a hotel for more than a month. Man my parents handled that well. Go back to talking about painting your fingernails.

  2. http://Carolyn%20Y says

    I sometimes have crazy fears. And sometimes they actually wake me up at night in a panic, has that ever happened to you?
    It was great connecting this week, thanks for the shout-out.
    Oh and I voted for you! Good luck!

  3. Your first paragraph totally made me think of Legally Blonde, haha! I also have a fear of our house burning. I drive by our house each morning and afternoon when I go to get my kids. I always give it a quick look as I go by to see if there is a fire.

  4. I have the house burning fear, but I also fear more that the dogs are inside the house with it burning. That is a fear of my. That and that birds will poop on me.

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