An Instagram Dump

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On Tuesday, we needed to cut more firewood.  Farm life is not glamourous or fashionable:


We were able to trick Evan into thinking splitting firewood is fun!  We cut him two small pieces and gave him the safety speech that goes along with axe use.  He yielded 6 logs after about 45 minutes.


Wednesday, the sun was shining and the temps were in the mid 50s, so we went exploring.  I allowed the boys to lead the way for about an hour and a half.


As always, the boys protectors traveled along with us.


We did find a sheep in distress.  I should have videoed this.  Certain, really not nice people think it is cool to throw their trash over our back fence.  Goats and sheep are curious.  Why this sheep thought it was a good idea to stick its head into a beer box, I will never understand, but you know…  The sheep wanted to rejoin the herd, but the herd was like, “Why does this beer box keep following us?”  The poor sheep couldn’t see well, so it ran from me at first.  It was great and after some laughing, the beer box was removed.


I piled up a heap of jackets and blankets that needed to be put away, and Willow decided they were a good place to nap.


The first sunset of 2014:


Friday, I went shopping with my Mom, Cassie, and the boys.  I purchased this sweater because I am still a kid.


I also found this really neat chair at Goodwill.  It was only $20 and in really great condition.  I purchased it and Aaron was very confused.  It is currently sitting in my living room and I have no idea where it is going to permanently stay…


I also found this jewel for $8, but resisted the urge and left it there for some other super fan to purchase.



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