I Actually Listened {Weekly Training Log}

Well, y’all know I ran the 3 Bridges Marathon last Saturday.  I set out on a nice marathon recovery plan to start the week and on Sunday I ran a slow 2 miles:



Monday, I walked 2 miles and my legs felt great.  I was recovering nicely!


Tuesday was a running rest day, but I completed 30 minutes of yoga that was pretty awesome.  I was feeling pretty awesome about life.

Wednesday, was awful.  When I woke up, I felt like there was something suffocating me from the inside of my lungs.  Aaron was hacking earlier in the week, and after a marathon your immune system is beat to nothing, so of course I got sick! Yippee!

I ran fever and I hacked. Ewe yuck.  Here comes the most amazing part.  I actually followed everyone’s advice and did not run!

Let that sink in.  I did not run.  Woah, I have literally ran on a broken foot (more than once).  I’m getting more running mature (is that real?).  I have realized that being healthy and having quality runs is more important than burning a few calories or logging a few miles.

So yeah, I’ve been sick.  It has not been fun.  I did go to Walmart today because we were totally out of food.  I have fever again.  More Yippee!!!!  It is the kind of hacking cough that gets worse when you get hot.  Nothing will stop the coughing unless I bust outside on the porch.

Ok, I am not going to say anything else negative.  Sorry, thanks for listening.  One more rest day and hopefully I will be better by Monday.

What do you think?