2014 Goals {It’s Go Time}

I am not a big fan of resolutions.  I feel that every morning is a fresh, new start, but over the last week I have been contemplating what I really wanted to do to improve myself.  I’m not going to lie, 2013 was a goal getting year.  I ran 2 marathons and completed my second college degree, but I can’t just stop and be complacent, so here is what I really want to accomplish and work on in 2014:

In the Spiritual Realm:

1.  I want to read the entire Bible from cover to cover.  Over the last few years, I have formed a really good habit of reading my Bible every morning while the coffee pot works it magic.  Honestly, that is the only time I have to myself during the day.  I normally read a devotion and a couple of verses, but this year I am going to focus my attention on what God is saying to me, not what it said to someone else and wrote a book.  Hopefully, this won’t take me the entire year, but I am using a year long plan from The Bible App to keep me on track.
2.  I want to intentionally pray for more people in my life.  I am really good at praying for people I like, but when it comes to folks that annoy me, I would rather just give them the stink eye.  That isn’t very Christian like.  I need to add those few people that I don’t particularly care for to my list and pray for them like they are my children.  Next time I am scrolling Facebook and see a status and think, ugh, I’m going to add that person to my list instead of calling them stupid in my head.

Really Living:

1.  I want to read books.  I have always been a huge reader, but 3 years of college have put a damper on my fun reading.  After reading scientific journals for hours, I just wanted to go to sleep, not pick up another book.  I’m going to start with two books that I should have already read: Sense and Sensibility and Jane Eyre.  After that, I am going to move on to more recent stuff, but I don’t really know where to start. Do you have any suggestions?
2.  Every night, I am going to physically write down 1 thing that was good about the day.  I’ve got a little notebook on my night stand.  I need to be more thankful for all the little things and I think this will help.

Physically Speaking:

1.  I’m going to practice yoga.  Like, for real.  I’ve downloaded an app that has different routines for flexibility, balance and strength.  It also has beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  So far, I have mastered the mountain and corpse poses.  I have to keep telling myself that I will get better and to just keep making progress.  Maybe after I get more confidence, I can start going to a real studio.  Lol, maybe…
2.  Keep running and have fun. Duh.
3.  Lose 5 pounds.  Well, this is not really a goal, I’m happy with my weight, but everyone else makes this goal and I want to be cool.  Let me take that back, my feelings would not be hurt if I lost 5 pounds.  Actually, I would love to lose 6 pounds and have a magic BMI of 20, BUT I’m not going to sacrifice quality of life and stress out over calories to get there.  If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn’t, whateves.  Oh and I have no idea why a BMI of 20 is so much more awesome than the 21 I have already attained.  The number is all is my head…

In the Blogging World:

1.  Actually blog.  You know, really tell you guys all the stories, not just the super awesome ones that make my family look fabulous.
2.  Consistently read, and comment on, what you guys have to say.  You guys are pretty awesome and I need to start telling you all more often.  Today is a good day to start.  To help you all out, I’m going to use my “Reading List” in Safari.  I’ll have to physically click on your blog (which will give you more page views) to see if you have written something new.


So, did you write a post detailing your 2014 goals or do you hate resolutions?  Link up and share, so we can keep each other accountable!


  1. Your goals this year sound very attainable and well-thought out, way to go! Also, your post made me laugh-out-loud during some parts…especially giving people the stink eye and calling them stupid in your head. I laugh probably because I can relate 😉 So I’ll probably be adopting that particular goal of yours as my own as well! I’ve linked up my post 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Great list. I’m all linked up and look forward to reading in 2014.

  3. I like “goals” better than resolutions. Goals can also be adjusted throughout the year. Not to mention that you can have several mini goals to help aid you in obtaining that huge goals. Yep, I definitely like goals. Looks like we have a couple in common! 🙂

    • http://Ashley%20Ederington says

      Goal is also a much nicer sounding word. Doesn’t sound like you will be punished for adjusting them 🙂

      Thanks for linking up!

  4. Happy New Year! I love your goals, especially the blogging ones 🙂 I’ not sure if you have an iphone, but if you do, there’s an app called Happier that you can use as a gratitude journal. I wish you all the best in 2014!

  5. I was dazzled by the incredible year you had, wowza.
    I love the idea of the gratitude notebook beside the bed, may share that idea. Enjoy all your reading and a break form the scientific books.
    Happy New Year

    • http://Ashley%20Ederington says

      Thanks for linking up!

      I read the first 100 pages of Sense and Sensibility today and it was magical!

  6. I made resultiins that will be posted tomorrow, at which point I will link up! I like your goals and how you categorized them.

  7. I made resolutions that will be posted tomorrow, at which point I will link up! I like your goals and how you categorized them.

  8. Thank you for hosting the linky. I am planning to break down the goals monthly in my site too.

  9. http://zombierunningprincess.com/?p=192 Right now my big goals are the run of two marathons in less then 100 days…. The rest are more then anything promises to myself

    • http://Ashley%20Ederington says

      Good luck! I ran a marathon last weekend and have 2 more before March! Just keep running and you’ll eventually cross the finish line lol!

  10. # 2 in the Spiritual Realm? Pure awesome.

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