My Weekly Training Log {Marathon Training Weeks 11 & 12}

Well, week 11 started off pretty normal.  I beasted my short Monday run and mid-distance Wednesday run with no problems.



Saturday, I was supposed to run 16 miles.  I skipped.  I did not feel like running, so I didn’t.  Gasp!

Week 12 started out super busy and it was my last rest week for this training cycle.  I ran my first run on Tuesday on the treadmill at school.  I was being a sissy girl.  It was a super boring 7 miles, but it was really cold outside.


I was going to participate in a Thanksgiving day fun run, but Aaron got put on standby at work.  I was going to run around 9 that morning, but he then got called in.  I dropped him off at the hospital and just went on to my parent’s house.  I ended up running on Friday.


Saturday, I hopped out of bed ready to run.  I think I was mentally tired and really needed this rest week.


My final rest week is officially over and I am I also was going to do the #RWRunStreak this year, but I forgot I was supposed to run on Thanksgiving. Oh well.

What do you think?