Viruses, Epic Brand Fails, and Halloween!

It has been a wild week!

Sunday night, John David puked everywhere as we were walking into Walmart.  It was awesome.  We just turned around and walked right back out to the car.  The nasty stuff went all down his legs and, of course, he wiped his mouth on his sleeve.  I stripped him down to his underwear and we just returned home.  I was stuck with fear.  Was this a stomach virus? Who was going to get sick next? QUARANTINE THE CHILD!

Evan was supposed to have football practice on Monday night, but he uttered the dreaded words: “Mom, my stomach hurts.”  Oh no.  I put him to bed with a movie and told him not to move.  Thankfully, only diarrhea manifested and he was fine by the next morning.

On Tuesday, Aaron got sick.  Ugh.  Evan had a football game and since Evan’s games are usually on Thursday night, this would be the only game Aaron could attend all year.  Aaron drank a lot of Tailwind during the afternoon and attended.  Aaron was proud.

Also on Tuesday, Lisa posted this regarding Toys R Us.  Look, I fight the video games every single day.  I have spent a lot of money at Toys R Us in the past.  I will not shop there again.  I know every cool science trick there is, but video games and cheap plastic toys are cool to little boys.  Sometimes I literally have to drag my children out the door.  I am not going to spend money at a company who does not support healthy choices for my children. Period. End of story.

Speaking of epic brand fails, Wednesday this jewel appeared in my Facebook timeline:

Crest Fail

Yo, Crest. Do you think I am the stupidest person alive?  Wonder why a toothpaste company would advocate eating a lot of junk food?  My lands.  I was utterly disappointed in Crest and FYI, eating a lot of candy will make you throw up faster than eating healthy snacks.

Ok, jumping off my box.  Here is a short video summary of our Halloween:

So, today is Friday and as of right now, I haven’t gotten sick.  Did I dodge this bullet? Ah!  Hope all of y’all had a great week! Did you do anything exciting?


  1. Awesome. Puking kids, bad ads, proud dads. Your week was full.

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